Terms and Conditions

We (High Five Health Promotion) treat all data that identify you as an individual, such as your email address, telephone number and other details you provide us with or that are collected by us, in accordance with the GDPR. When using our Health and Fitness facilities, you are requested to provide your personal data, possibly including data on your health. Our privacy policy (http://highfive.fit/en/privacyvoorwaarden) informs you how we handle data. We will not process personal data on your state of health or physical condition without your explicit permission. This means that we will not collect data on your state of health and physical condition without your permission. You explicitly give High Five Health Promotion permission to process the above personal data by completing the registration form and ticking the box. I hereby allow High Five Health Promotion to process my personal data as described above.
Health Commitment Statement:
Participation in exercise activities always induce health related risks. Your health is your own responsibility. All employees of High Five Health Promotion are passionate for their profession and are dedicated to make any effort to enable you to make optimal use of the offered facilities. With this in mind, we would like to agree what to expect from each other.
Our commitment to you
1. We will respect your personal decisions, and allow you to make your own decisions about what exercise you can carry out.
2. We will make every reasonable effort to make sure we provide a safe sport environment.
3. We will take care that our staff are qualified and meet the requirements of the profession.
4. If you tell us that you have a disability which puts you at a substantial disadvantage in accessing our equipment and facilities, we will consider what adjustments, if any, are reasonable for us to make.
Your commitment to us
1. You should not exercise beyond your own abilities. If you know or are concerned that you have a medical condition which might interfere with you exercising safely, you should get advice from a relevant medical professional and follow that advice, before you use our equipment and facilities.
2. You should make yourself aware of any rules and instructions, including warning notices.
3.You should not carry out any activities which you have been told are not suitable for you.
3. You should let our employees in the sport center know immediately if you feel ill when using our equipment or facilities. During the manned opening hours there is always an employee present in the sport center that has a valid first-aid certificate.
Physical Activity Readiness Self-screening
Using the PAR-Q (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) you can easily decide whether participating in sport and exercise activities is responsible. This test is suitable for every person between 15 and 69 years old.
Use your common sense in answering these questions. Please read the questions carefully before answering with Yes or No.
Start PAR-Q test
1. Has your doctor ever said that you have a heart condition and that you should only do physical activity recommended by a doctor?
2. Do you feel pain in your chest when you do physical activity? 3. Did you experience pain on the chest while at rest in the las month?
3. In the past month, have you had chest pain when you were not doing physical activity?
4. Do you lose your balance because of dizziness or do you ever lose consciousness?
5. Do you have a bone or joint problem (for example, back, knee or hip) that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity?
6. Is your doctor currently prescribing drugs (for example, water pills) for your blood pressure or heart condition?
7. Do you know of any other reason why you should not do physical activity?
If you answered on or more questions with Yes, please consult your physician before participating in sport and exercise activities of a fitness assessment. Inform your physician which questions you answered Yes.
When you honestly and truthfully answered all questions with a No, it is reasonably safe to assume that you:
Can start being more active start quietly and slowly build up the activities. This is the easiest and safest way.
It is possible to have fitness assessments in our facilities. This is an excellent way to chart your general fitness. Hereby you can also plan which activities would fit you needs and wishes. We advise you to test you blood pressure on a regular base. If a blood pressure above 144/90 is measured, consult a physician before making the next step in becoming more active. Wait a little longer with becoming more active if:
You dont feel well because of a temporary illness, like a cold or fever feel. Wait until you feel well again.
You are pregnant consult your physician before becoming more active.


Article 1 Facility & Exploitation
High tech Campus offers its employees the option to participate in Health and Fitness activities. High Five Health Promotion B.V. (High Five) offers this service.

Article 2 Participants
The following individuals can participate in Health and Fitness activities:
a) Permanent or temporary employees of one of the companies at High Tech Campus
b) People who are not in the employment of one of the companies at HTC, but who are in any connection with HTC.
c) Exceptions.
In case of exceptions High Five decides on participation.

Article 3 Registration
Registration for participation in Health and Fitness activities runs digitally via High Five Connect. Every participant receives a personal account in High Five Connect. In High Five Connect participants have insight into test data, invoices, direct debit authorisations, workout programmes, reservations and the schedule. Participants can register at https://campuswellnesscenter.highfive.fit. High Five works conform the GDPR. During the registration a new participant is explicitly asked to approve the processing of personal details. During the registration participants are also ask to agree with the Health Commitment Statement and the regulations.

Article 4 Start of participation
Before the participant commences the workout programme, High Five will first administer an intake and a fitness test. Except for serious physical limitations shared by the participant with a High Five employee in compliance with the Health Commitment Statement participation in Health and Fitness activities can start immediately.

Article 5 Reporting injuries
If a participant is aware of an injury or other wound, he/she must report this to a High Fuive employee prior to the workout in compliance with the Health Commitment Statement.

Article 6 Liability
Participation in the High Five activities is done entirely at the participant's own risk. High tech campus or High Five can in no way be held liable for damage of a material, personal or other nature, for losses or theft, unless this is the result of malfunctioning equipment as a result of improper supervision of the maintenance of the equipment or improper supervision of safety in the space.

Article 7 Reporting defects and malfunctions
If a participant notices that equipment is not functioning properly, he/she will report this to the High Five employee immediately.

Article 8 Hygiene
The use of a towel while working out is required. Every participant must clean and/or put away the equipment and materials after use. Every participant must wear clean, tidy workout clothes and must wear indoor shoes. We recommend the use of bath slippers in the wet areas. We strongly ask that all rooms be left clean and tidy and that no personal belongings be left behind after opening hours. High Five shall have the right to remove items that are left behind from the rooms and lockers.

Article 9 Food and drinks
It is prohibited to eat in the workout areas. Chewing gum is prohibited during workouts. Drinking in the workout area is only permitted from your own sports bottle.

Article 10 Opening hours
During opening hours all participants can make unlimited use of the Health and Fitness facilities. Current opening hours and the activities are listed in the overview of bookable classes on the personal page in High Five Connect. During holiday periods an alternative schedule can be implemented. Participants can register for participation in group lessons and other activities via High Five Connect. When they are unable to attend, we ask that participants cancel the reservation no later than one hour prior to the lesson to enable other participants to take part in the group class or activity.

Article 11 Schedule changes
With the consent of High the campus, High Five can make schedule changes.

Article 12 Payment of personal contribution
Fees for Health and Fitness activities must be paid by means of direct debit. If payment is made by direct debit, a direct debit mandate must also be signed prior to participation. Recurring payments for Health and Fitness Activities (e.g. membership costs) shall be paid in advance. An increase in membership costs will be announced at least 2 weeks in advance. When an adjustment in membership costs takes place members have the right to cancel their membership within 4 weeks after notification. Cancellation of the membership is not applicable when the price adjustment is based on the <[DeStatis] / [CBS]-price index for consumers or professional services>, nor when the adjustments in memberships costs is the direct result of changes in legislation.

Article 13 Termination
Cancellations of memberships with a duration of one year or shorter can be done at the end of the subscription duration subject to a notice period of 1 month. If a subscription is not canceled in time, the subscription will continue for an indefinite period after the agreed period. A participant can cancel a subscription for an indefinite period at any time, subject to a notice period of 1 month. Cancellations must be sent in writing by e-mail to fitnesshtcl@highfive.fit. Each participant is asked to provide a reason for cancellation. Received e-mails are confirmed and processed by High Five. Participants may cancel a subscription mid-term the subscription duration if:
-the participant (preferably) demonstrably in writing receives a different work / residential address and it is no longer possible for the participant to use the Health and Fitness activities.
-it is impossible for the participant to use the Health and Fitness activities during the remainder of the subscription period as a result of an injury or illness that is demonstrable at the time of cancellation.
Subscriptions can also be temporarily suspended in the event of an injury or pregnancy.

Article 14 Complaints and/or suggestions for improvements
High Five has a complaints procedure, if a participant has complaints and/or suggestions for improvement, these can be reported directly to the High Five employees who will ensure that the complaint is handled and registered. Complaints must be reported to the location manager via the facility counter, or by email. Complaints and suggestions can also be passed on via the website: https://www.highfive.fit/en/suggestion-or-complaint.

Article 15 Photo and videos
Taking photos and making video recordings are not permitted without written permission from the communication department of High Five and High tech Campus.

Article 16 Rules
Each participant is deemed to have taken notice of the content of these regulations. The current regulations can be viewed at any time via the personal page campuswellnesscenter.virtuagym.com/webshop/terms-and-conditions.. High Five and High tech Campus reserve the right to adjust the house rules.

Article 17 Unforeseen circumstances
In cases not provided for in these rules, a decision shall be taken by High Five.

Incasso Debet

By signing this contract you give High Five Health Promotion permission to send your subscription costs to your bank by means of direct debit orders in order to be able to debit an amount from your account.

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